FAQ - Frequenctly asked questions

Are the downloads for free?

Yes! You only need to register once at Blacky's Sims2 Zoo. This is free and you can download all the stuff right away.
Users who regularly support us (see below) get a little extra: Our VIP-downloads.

How can I put the downloads in the game?

You need to unpack the downloads into your Downloads-folder in the game. Make sure you have the Colour Enable Package (CEP) and all the required meshs and addons installed.

May I recolour the meshs?

Yes please! But plase link back to this site and the original mesh, so the users can find the way to the creator if they have questions about the mesh.

May I pack the suff with my sim / house?

Yes, you may! But please give proper credit and link back to this site.

There's a dead link

If you find something is not functioning on this site, please contact me and clearly describe the problem so I can fix it.

How did you do xyz?

Hacks, meshs and custom content in general are very popular and creators are often asked about how they created them. There are already many tutorials available in the web. Please don't ask me about how I did something, neither in the guestbook nor via mail. Most processes can't be explained in just a few sentences! Look out for tutorials about it, there are various!

I have a wish...

You may request some special clothes or whatever you would like to be created for the game. Write me an email and attach pictures of what you would like to have. Sometimes, it will take me a while to create your stuff, as I also have some "real" life ;) If I am not able to create something or don't have the time to do it, I may also refuse your request.

I like your stuff and would like to support the site

Blacky's Sims2 Zoo is one of the biggest Sims downloadsites in the web with over 10'000 downloads offered for free. Usertraffic and downloads requires huge webspace on the server we hire, so the site has not been down since years. This server space is mainly financiated by the Zoo team, but we are very thankful for every financal support by the users! Informations about how you can support the Zoo can be found at Blacky's Sims2 Zoo.